Athletic Associations

Tavistock Minor Hockey

The Tavistock Minor Hockey Association (TMHA) is a thriving youth sports organization dedicated to providing a fun and rewarding hockey experience for children of all ages in Tavistock, Ontario. Offering a welcoming environment where players can develop their hockey skills, sportsmanship, and teamwork in a supportive community.

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Tavistock Minor Ball

Calling all baseball and softball players in Tavistock! Tavistock Athletics is your one-stop shop for a rewarding and enriching experience on the diamond. We offer programs for all ages and skill levels, fostering a love for the game, teamwork, and personal growth.

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Tavistock Tornadoes Optimist Youth Soccer

Calling all aspiring soccer players in Tavistock! The Tavistock Tornadoes Optimist Youth Soccer Club is your gateway to an exciting, and skill-building experience on the field. We offer co-ed programs for children ages 9 to 21, game while promoting teamwork, sportsmanship.

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Tavistock Skating Club

The Tavistock Skating Club is your gateway to a world of grace, athleticism, and artistic expression on the ice. Offering a welcoming environment for skaters of all ages and abilities, from beginners taking their first wobbly strides to competitive athletes perfecting their jumps and spins.

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Tavistock Curling Club

Calling all curling enthusiasts and newcomers alike! The Tavistock Curling Club is your gateway to a winter of fun, healthy competition, and camaraderie on the ice. Our introductory programs provide everything you need to get started. Experienced curlers can hone their skills and participate in Saturday leagues.

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Tavistock Braves

Stay up-to-date on the latest developments with the Tavistock Braves, and cheer them on to victory!

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Tavistock Royals

Gear up for some hockey action! Follow the Royals journey and enjoy some great action in this senior hockey league. 

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